5 Expert Tips for Successful Article Submission on Leading Websites

Building online credibility is the only way to sustain in the online business and content marketing plays a vital role in improving search engine ranking. So, it is deadly important to create quality, targeted and relevant content with having a proper word count to get online recognition. Apart from creating content, the successful article submission makes able you to create a number of quality backlinks which offer advertising, marketing and publicity benefits to your website. There are some key factors that you should consider for successful article submission.

Deliver quality content: Articles should be of interest to readers and website where you want to submit the content. Top websites give preference mainly to the articles that showcase new ideas and unique information. Top quality articles encourage reader’s engagements to the website. Experts say that lively and through the point writing which balances information with fun or entertaining anecdotes are always welcomed by top websites.

Meet the criteria: Every website has certain criteria which needs to be fulfill for successful submission. It includes word limits, well-formed English grammar and structure. Use best spell-check program or online word count tool for error free articles. They are important tools for proof reading. You just need to paste your content in the given text field and result page shows grammar, spelling errors and character counts.

Keyword density: Keyword rich articles allow content to crawl by top search engines and thereby improve the ranking of the webpage. Content without keyword is like ship leads without any direction in the vast ocean. The greater number of articles on reputed websites with top searched keywords enhance the chance of getting rich ranking for the web page. However, experts recommend 2 to 3% of keywords in 600 to 800 words of article as excess keywords are not acceptable in top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Guest post or experts articles: Many popular website welcome guest posts as it not only helps to get lots of visitors but also builds and maintains reputation. It also encourages interaction with readers. Articles written by experts are generated from their own experiences of the respective field. The ideas and information in the content are unique and very useful for users who are genuinely looking for information.

Create well-organized article: Content filled with catchy headings, subheadings and points with bullets marking creates a good impression on readers and websites’ editorial department. Informative, correct grammar, catchy titles and well-formatted articles are acceptable on leading websites. Many websites also allow bloggers to create chains of contents that possess quality. Hence, the more content on the website increases the online visibility and improve ranking.

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