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    An online character count tool, and more!

    The question some may ask is, “Do I need a separate word counter, when my word processor already has an in-built character count feature? Believe us, we wouldn't be developing this tool, had your existing word processor left no room for improvement.

    With separate 'Character Count' and 'Letter Count' features, word provides more specific statistics, in much lesser time.

    'Character Count' returns the total number of characters in a content. This includes spaces between letters or words. And it does so in real time! Just type a content, and the figures flash on your screen, as the characters are created, or deleted.

    This also makes a very handy typing speed calculator. Set a timer on a device and start typing on the character count tool. The buzzer goes off and you immediately know how quick your fingers dance on the keyboard!

    Besides, you can also copy-paste a text, and get to know the number of words and characters in it instantly.

    Whether you're a college-goer, posting your tweet, or a professional blogger, writing about global warming, you may only express your thoughts within a certain character limit; and this tool will certainly prove to be a handy resource.

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