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What is Keyword Density, and how can a density checking tool help you.

Keyword Density is the occurrence of a phrase or keyword on a webpage, expressed in percentage, compared to the total number of words on that page. Search engines use this data to determine whether a page is relevant to a specific keyword phrase

WordContOnline's Keyword Density tool is a very handy SEO resource, which helps users in creating search engine – friendly content.

This tool also brings forth a number of opportunities:

  • It helps in analyzing competitor sites, identifying certain good phrases, which may be used in your own content
  • It helps in determining how much a page is in sync with top ranked pages
  • It helps you avoid cases of keyword stuffing and keyword spamming and prevent your site from being penalized by search engines

Greater word variation helps in boosting the rank for a broad spectrum of words and decreases the chances of a page being filtered out.

Just copy and paste a text and the density of various keywords, within the text is displayed instantly. It also provides other details pertaining to the text.

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